Coming soon the New Ashtabula.com website that will cost around $200 and will be comparable to the county’s new website that was approved by the commissioners that will cost the county taxpayers $50,000.00


What can this charter do for us?

No sales tax increases without a vote of the people first: Twice over the last eight years the county commissioners tried to increase the county’s sales tax through emergency measures. This charter insures that no county wide tax can be passed until the voters approve it in a November election.

Non-partisan officials: Takes the political parties influence away from the county offices and gives the positions back to the people.

Streamlining government: Cutting elected officials salaries and combining some of the county offices will potentially save the taxpayers over $500,000 a year. This money can be better used to reduce the county’s debts and provide the services that we pay for and deserve like safety forces.

Better representation: Replaces the three county commissioners with seven part time district councilmen who represent every area of the county.

County meetings to be held in evenings: This will allow more people to take an active roll in our local government by actually being able to attend council meetings.

Law Director– There will be a law director who will be able to handle all civil matters for the county and townships. This will potentially save some townships out of pocket legal costs that they currently incur.

Economic Development- There will be an economic development department to centralize efforts to grow our county’s workforce. We will take ownership of growing our local economy instead of outsourcing this task to people outside of our county who might not have our best interests at heart.

Term limits– All elected officials will be limited to three consecutive terms. After third term official cannot take job with the county for one year nor run for another county office for one year. This will stop the creation of beaurocrats within our local government.

– All agreements and partnerships by current board of commissioners shall be revisited by the council to decide to keep or remove: This allows the new leadership of our county to access the past practices of the former leadership and make any changes they feel necessary to move our county forward.

Charter review commission: This allows the system of government to be looked at from time to time in order to keep the government streamlined and effective in servicing the public.

Contact: Robert  Malinowski at 997-7688

Email: newashtabula@gmail.com

Paid for by the Committee for a New Ashtabula – Robert A. Malinowski, treasurer, 728 E. Morgan Rd., Jefferson, OH, 44047

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