Press Release June 3rd

For immediate release:


June 3rd, 2013


The Committee for a New Ashtabula has amended the charter after being advised by Gene Kramer, an attorney and charter expert who was the principle author of both the Summit and Cuyahoga County Charters. The main change to the charter per Mr. Kramer’s advice was to move the off year election language to the even years. He believed that this provision would give the opponents of the charter an opportunity to invalidate the charter as a whole because of a conflict with the Ohio Constitution.

“Mr. Kramer has offered to aid us in our goal to get this charter on the ballot this November and to also make sure that opponents to this charter cannot go against the will of the people and try to throw it out on a technicality should the charter become enacted. Although we believe that the concept of off year elections would have brought much more attention to our county races we are very pleased that this potential problem has been corrected”, stated Doctor Robert Malinowski. Malinowski also assures everyone that everything else in the charter such as non partisan elections, replacing the commissioners with seven part time district councilmen and the protection clause against emergency sales tax increases are still in place,”We have recalled the first set of petitions and have sent out the new petitions. The circulators, roughly 65 and growing at this point were glad that the charter was corrected and are eager to get back out to collect signatures. The charter petition process is starting to take a life of its own. People are calling me everyday to sign or circulate”.

If anyone wishes to read the amended charter,wants to sign the petition or circulate a petition they can go to In addition, there will be a townhall meeting at Henderson Memorial Library, in Jefferson, this Wednesday at 6:00 hosted by members of the petition committee.


Doctor Robert Malinowski,


Committee for a New Ashtabula

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