Below are the attacks a group is circulating at this years county fair. We have FACTS that show these individuals are presenting LIES to the public to try and keep our county residents hand cuffed to the continued backroom politics. The new charter is open to the public to read. There was no backroom deals made to benefit any one person for financial gain. This charter was assembled to allow ALL COUNTY RESIDENTS a future of prosperity. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE CHARTER AS IT WILL BE PRESENTED AT THIS YEARS ELECTION.

LIE: ARE YOU REALLY READY TO: GIVE away your right to vote for ALL county government offices?

REPLY: There are currently 17 County Offices, under the Charter voters will vote for 18 offices. 18 is not only not 0, it is in fact more than 17. 3 Commissioners are replaced with 7 Council Members, and the Clerk of Courts becomes a position appointed with the advice of the local judiciary while the Recorder and Treasurer are merged into the Financial Director, an appointed position. All other offices remain elected. Those 3 positions do become appointed, though the citizens may by simple majority make them elected if they so choose, or make other positions appointed. Additionally they gain new voting powers they currently lack; the ability to have recall elections on bad officials, to automatically get to vote on any proposed sales tax or other county-wide tax, and to be able to vote for candidates not from either major party who normally have no realistic chance at election, regardless of their qualifications.

 LIE: ARE YOU REALLY READY TO: REPLACE duly-elected county officials with appointed BUREACRATS?

 REPLY: The Charter will have 18 officials each as duly-elected as the current 17. The only positions which cease being elected are the Recorder, Treasurer, and Clerk of Courts, all bureaucratic positions to begin with, and positions which are typically appointed in most states. They are not checks and balances on the government, electing them merely politicizes the position and serves the public no better than if we elected any of the hundreds of other government employees in the county.

LIE: ARE YOU REALLY READY TO: CREATE a part-time board who will BE REQUIRED to hire a county administrator who will BE REQUIRED to hire an attorney, a C.P.A. accountant, and assistants to do the job our duly- elected officials are already doing?

 REPLY:   One would think the person doing the Treasurer’s job ought to be a Certified Public Accountant, making the remark rather confusing. Of course the County Administrator does not appoint them, the Finance Director is appointed by the Council directly, as is the Law Director. Also, we already have a County Administrator, every county in Ohio does. We also already have assistants’ working for the commissioners, the Charter outlines no new positions in that regard.

LIE ARE YOU REALLY READY TO: GIVE SUBPOENA POWERS – powers that rightfully belong only in the justice system – to part-time commissioners and their hired county administrator?

 REPLY:  In fact subpoena powers are not and never have been limited to the judicial system, they are a writ by a government agency – frequently but not exclusively courts – who have been given the authority to compel a witness to testify or produce documents. You’ve doubtless heard of Congress subpoenaing witnesses, they are definitely not part of the judiciary. It is a common power held by many government agencies to allow them to conduct investigations. The council having the ability to subpoena witnesses is not unusual at all, many city councils have this ability, what is unusual is that the County Council will need a super-majority, 5 of 7 members, to issue one, rather than a simple majority.


 REPLY:  The opposition would like you to believe the Charter was written in a dimly lit, smoky room. The fact is dozens of citizens – far more then attend the average County Commissioner meetings – gave their input to the charter, which was posted online publicly for many weeks before over a hundred volunteers circulated the petition to be signed by thousands of the County’s voters. The very same day the very first rough draft of the charter was prepared it was placed online with request for suggestions and criticisms to be given via email or in person. Every suggestion and criticism was discussed and many adopted, with each change to the Charter published online immediately. We were interested in every suggestion and judged those suggestions on their merits alone. The opposition does not want you to read the charter and judge it on its merits. Rather they prefer to imply a fictitious and shadowy cabal authored it hoping to prejudice voters with those falsehoods because they cannot argue against the merits of the Charter except with falsehoods, as we’ve seen above.

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