Correspondence to Township Officials

Dear Township officials,

It has come to the attention of Committee for a New Ashtabula that there are people out there engaging in a misinformation campaign in an attempt to derail the charter petition currently underway in our County. We understand that some township officials have been told that the charter will dissolve townships into the county government if the charter goes into effect. This could not be further from the truth. If you go to our website you can review the charter for yourselves.

Section 1.02 Powers Limited clearly states:

“This Charter does not empower the County to exercise exclusively any municipal powers nor to provide for the succession by the County to any property or obligation of any municipality or township without the consent of the legislative authority of such municipality or township. In case of conflict between the exercise of powers granted by this Charter and the exercise of powers by municipalities or townships granted by the Constitution or general law, the exercise of powers by the municipality or township shall prevail. The County shall have power to levy only those taxes that counties are by general law authorized to levy.”

This charter, we believe, is a superior form of government to the commission form we currently have in place. This charter will not impede the townships, but rather aid the townships.  Currently many townships experience poor lag time from the prosecutor’s office with regards to handling legal issues. Many townships have to hire attorneys in order to properly handle their legal matters in a timely manner. Under this charter there will be a Law Director who may handle legal matters for the townships. Additionally, the seven member council that replaces the three commissioners will give the townships better representation in county government.

A representative would like to attend one of your meetings in order to discuss the charter and any concerns you or your constituents might have. Please contact Doc Malinowski at 997- 7688 to schedule for your next meeting, or to sign or circulate a petition to put the charter on the ballot in November!




Robert “Doc” Malinowski

Committee for a New Ashtabula


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