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When circulating petitions please do the following:

1.   Always briefly explain what the petition is for. ie. “Hello my name is ________. I am circulating a petition that will allow the people of Ashtabula County a choice this November to choose between the current form of county government we have now or adopting a new charter form of county government. Would you like to sign the petiton?”

2.   If they ask questions about the charter fall back to the bullet points. If you are unable to answer the question contact one of the petitioners. You can also give the potential signer the website address to review the charter for themselves before they sign.

3.   Before signing petition you must ask the signer if they are registered to vote in Ashtabula County.

4.   You must always witness the signing of the petition.

5.   Make sure they fill out all fields when signing petition.

6.   Take some voter registration cards with you. Someone might want to sign but are not registered or moved. If they fill out registration card and date it the same day they sign petition their signature will count.

7.   Make sure that the dates the signers put down are in ascending order from earlier signers.

8.   Before turning in your petition you must fill out the circulator statement on the bottom of the petition. You must print your name and number of signatures in the appropriate areas and then sign and write your address in order for petition to count.

Thank you,

The Petition Committee

If you are interested inn becoming a circulator please email us at

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